Major Laboratories

Sr. No.Name of the LaboratoryName of the Important Equipment
1Earthquake Engineering LabHorizontal Shake Table
Shake Wall Model
Bracing System Mode
Shape Model Liquefaction Model
Irregularities in Structures Model
Pounding Effect Spring Mass Model
Ductile Detecting  
Total Investment  (Rs.4,61,250/-)
2Applied Mechanics    1.Basic Mechanics Integrated Laboratory Set Up
2. Computer Aided Instruction Software System And Computer Aided Learning Software System
3Computer Lab    Dell Optilex 380 Computer With 19″Dell Wide Monitor. 85 Number  
Water GEMS
Open roads Designer
Micro Station
Sewer GEMS
STAAD Foundation
Auto CAD 2019
Total Investment (Rs.32,64,624/-)
4Concrete Lab.    Concrete Mixture  
Vibrating Table  
Beam and Cube Mold  
Water Curing Bath with Agitation System  
Total Investment (Rs.12,82,513/-)
5Structural Mechanics Lab    Torsion Testing Machine, Maximum Capacity 200 Nm  
Compressive Testing Machine, Heico. Capacity 2000 kN  
Tile Flexure Testing Machine  
Flexure Testing Machine For Beam, Lawrence and Mayo Pvt.Ltd  
Rockwell Cum Brinell Hardness Testing Machine, Acquiavir International      weight-187.5 kg    
Dorry Abrasion Testing Machine, Lawrence and Mayo Pvt.Ltd  
Computerized UTM             Maximum Capacity-40 Ton  
Impact Testing Machine
(Energy range-charpy-0 to 300 Joules Izod-0 to 168 Joules)  
Total Investment (Rs. 17,54,845/-)
  6Geotechnical Lab And Geology Lab      Consolidation Apparatus  
Triaxial Shear Test
Direct Shear Test
Standard Penetration Test
Swelling Pressure Test  

Total Investment (Rs.9,75,384/-)
Geotechnical Lab And Total Investment (Rs.1,21,624/-) Geology Lab
7Environmental Lab    Stock Gas Monitoring KIT  
Exhaust 5 Gas Analyzer  
B.O.D. Incubator, Electrically Operated, Double Wall Temp. Range 5 ° C – 60 ° C, Fully Automatic, 45 x 45x 50 cm, 90 Lit.  
Digital pH meter, Automatic Display of pH Range 2 Nos  
COD meter  
Jar Test Apparatus  
High volume sampler  
Pm 10/ PM 2.5 Sampler Model APM -154  
Respirable Dust sampler APM 860 (Brush Less Blower)  
Digital Conductivity Meter 2 Nos  
Digital Turbidity Meter        2 No  
Total Investment (Rs. 9,52,959/-)  
8Fluid Mechanics Lab    Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus  
Venturimeter Apparatus  
Reynolds Apparatus  
Orifice Apparatus  
Major Loss Apparatus  
Total Investment (Rs. 5,13,676/-)
9Transportation Lab    Bitumen Extractor  
Marshall Stability Testing Machine  
C.B.R Test Apparatus,
Hand operated,
Loading Rate 1.25 m/Minute,
Mold 15 mm Dia. 115 mm Ht.  
Loss Angles Abrasion Testing Machine,
Machine Operated,  30 Rev/ Min.,
Steel Ball Dia 50 mm, Weight 250 Gm  
Ductility Testing Machine,
Mechanically Operated ,
Water Heating Arrangement   Radar Speed Detector Gun,1 MpH Accuracy  
Aggregate Impact Testing Machine  
Total Investment (Rs. 4,33,751/-)
10Surveying Lab    Lynx Standard Vernier Theodolite 8 No  
Pentax Total Station  
Mirror Stereoscope  
Digital Planimeter 2 No.  
Auto Level 5 No.  
Total Investment (Rs. 10,69,797/-)

Additional Facility

Sr. No.Facility NameDetails
 Loading Frame of 200 KN Capacity    Steel fabricated Frame Structure, with, Servo Hydraulic Power Pack, Servo Hydraulic Static Actuator, Hydraulic System for Lateral Loading, Data Acquisition System And Controls With Software, Apple Laptop 13 inch, 2.0 GHZ Quad Core, 10th Gen Intel Core 15 Processor, 512 GB SSD, Hydraulic Crane.   Funded By Department of Science & Technology Under Fund For Improvement of S&T Infrastructure (FIST) Scheme   Sanctioned Amount: (Rs. 25,88,250/-)  
 Digital Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory   Rs. 1100000/-Digital Consolidation Apparatus    
Digital Triaxial Shear Test    
Direct Shear Test
Standard Penetration Test
Swelling Pressure Test
Basic Mechanics Integrated Lab   Funded By- AICTE under MODROB Scheme   Sanctioned Amount- (Rs. 15,25,000/-)Basic Mechanics Integrated LaboratoryComputer Aided Instruction Software SystemComputer Aided Learning Software    
 Non Destructive Testing Lab     Rs. 20,18,228/-  Rebound Hammer
Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity
Cover Meter/ Rebar Locator
Concrete Core Cutter
Half Cell Potential Test and Resistivity
Five Work Station (Dell Power Edge R440 Server)    1X Intel Xeon Silver 4208 (8 core, 2.1 GHZ ) Processor 1x Dell 16 GB DDR4 2666 MHz RDIMM   2x Dell 1.2 TB 10K RPM SAS 12 GBPS 512e 2.5 Hot- Plug Hard Drive   Raid Controller 0,1,5 (PERC H730p)   2x 1 GbE LOM (Lan on Motherboard) (Rs. 6,49,000/-)
 ComNav Dual Frequency RTK GNSS DGPS   (Rs. 6,49,000/-)