Pandharpur Pattern in Professional Education (PPPE)

The Spirit of ‘Pandharpur Pattern In Professional Education (PPPE)’

When we want to groom our students as excellent Engineers, developed persons and responsible citizens; we need to present before them acceptable idols, to whom students can consider their role models. We are committed to ensure that every element of the campus adheres to the philosophy which is at the core of the pattern.

Discipline has no substitute in life, may it be in education, business, service or elsewhere. Our teaching staff members are tuned to maintain discipline. It has become a natural phenomenon for them. The faculty is not only disciplined, but also well mannered, updated and responsible. The students would obviously like to follow them. Our each faculty member is first student in itself and then a teacher. There is a set code of conduct and every individual is religiously following it.

‘Pandharpur Pattern in Professional Education’ (PPPE) is an integrated set of rules to be followed. There is no exception to this Pattern. Our each faculty members crave for updation, innovation with discipline and hard work. Since the faculty members are possessing all these qualities and implementing them in every day life, students have no grudge in accepting and following the Policies.

PPPE is not just a theory to be exhibited, but it is the art for working / living at the campus. Once the things become a part of everybody’s life, no special efforts are needed to continue them. It is a natural process, craving for excellence, which has become our roudine. Once this happens, excellence in every field just cannot stay away. We are experiencing this and implementing PPPE for shaping the future of young generation.