About Pandharpur

The Pandharpur, South Kashi of India


Pandharpur – An Epitome of Devotion

Pandharpur has been the epicenter of devotion and a destination of every Vaishnavite right from the 12”
century. It is not just a piece of land or a city but a philosophy in itself. Vitthal, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu appeared here to meet Pundalik, a devotee who was engrossed in his duty of serving his parents. In spite of the Lord himself coming to meet, the duty-bound Pundalik refused to detach from his duty. Lord Vitthal was pleased to see the devotion to the duty and preferred to wait for Pundlik. He is still standing on the brick for the past 28 ages. Obviously because, Lord Vitthal is a Karmayogi and is pleased with those who have unshakable commitment to duty.

This historical city is in the Solapur district and on the bank of the holy river Bhima, popularly known as
Chandrabhaga, which originates at Bhimashankar, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas, encircles the city of Pandharpur enhancing its beauty. The place is just 4 hour’s drive from Pune (Oxford of the East) and also well connected to cities like Mumbai, Vijapur and Hyderabad. The atmosphere is pleasant and the resources are adequate. Pandharpur is surrounded by well-developed agricultural activity. Because of irrigation and developed agriculture, the air is fresh and pure. The atmosphere is fully conducive to achieving concentration.

Besides all these, Pandharpur does not have a hectic life style. There are no other distractions for a student to stay away from their studies. Therefore, every student can have focused attention on studies and projects. If learning is to be talked of, such an atmosphere and convenience are rare to be found. For a successful learning process, student needs concentration, ambience and devotion to the study. Everything is available in the environment of Pandharpur. Overall, it has been proved that Pandharpur is one of the ideal learning destinations.