Major Laboratories

Sr. No.Name of the LaboratoryName of the Major equipments
1Production Center1.CNC Machine: Control System-Sinumeric 802D, Drive- AC Digital Servo, Spindle Speed-3000 RPM, 
2. VMC Machine: Control System- Siemens 810D basic M, Auto tool changer, No. of tools 20, Seed- 60-8000 RPM,  
Total Investment: 17,07,778/-
2Workshop (Machine shop,Fitting, Carpentry Shop,Sheet Metal Shop,Black Smithy Shop, Welding Shop)1.Horizontal Milling M/C With Vice
2. Universal Milling M/C
3. 4’x2’ Planner Machine
4. Centre Lathe Machines  
Total Investment: 45,25,031 /-
3  I. C. Engine/ Automobile Engineering LaboratoryI. C. Engine:
1. Single Cylinder Four Stroke Diesel Engine Test Rig with Rope Brake Dynamometer.
2. 10 HP, Twin Cylinder Diesel Engine Test Rig with Hydraulic dynamometer.
3. Computer Controlled 5 HP Single Cylinder Diesel Engine with Hydraulic dynamometer.
4. Three Cylinder Four Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig with Eddy Current Dynamometer
5. Variable Compression ratio Multi- fuel single cylinder Engine Test rig
Automobile Engineering:
1.Fully floating differential
2. Hoffmann Wheel Balancer  
Total Investment: 27,05,134 /-
4Refrigeration and Air Conditioning / Power Plant & Energy Engineering LaboratoryRefrigeration and Air Conditioning: 1. Refrigeration Tutor Test Rig. 2. Mini Air Conditioning Tutor Test Rig. 3. Ice Plant Test Rig 4. Vapour Absorption Refrigeration Trainer (Electrolux Refrigeration Test Rig)   Total Investment: 6,75,493/-
Power Plant & Energy Engineering : 1. Solar Radiation Measurement Instrument 2. solar P-V test Rig Total Investment: 1,97,481/-
5Metallurgy / Manufacturing Processes LaboratoryMetallurgy: 1. Monocular Metallurgical Microscope. Model No:- SM-7 2. Metallurgical Microstructure Set 3. Muffle Furnace 4. Rockwell cum Brinell Hardness Tester 5. Jominy End Quench Test Apparatus 6.Inverted Metallurgical Microscope 7.Indigenous Micro Hardness Tester (Digital Version)   Total Investment: 1,15,235/-
Manufacturing Processes 1. Rapid Moisture Tester 2. Sieve Shaker With Set Of Sieve’s   Total Investment: 57,931/-
6Heat & Mass Transfer LaboratoryMajor equipments 1. Thermal Conductivity of liquids & Gases  Apparatus  2. Diffusion Coefficient in Liquids Apparatus.  3. Mass Transfer Coefficient in Solids Apparatus    Total Investment: 4,63,178/-
7Theory of Machines Laboratory1.Helical Bevel Gear Motor 2.Eppicyclic Gear Train and holding torque apparatus 3.Universal Vibration apparatus   Total Investment: 2,29,634/
8Metrology &Mechanical Measurement / Automatic Control Engineering LaboratoryMetrology &Mechanical Measurement : 1. Drum type floating carriage diameter measuring machine 2. Profile Projector 3. Surface Roughness Tester 4. Tool Makers Microscope   Total Investment: 8,28,935/-
Automatic Control Engineering : 1.ON/OFF Temperature Controller(Indicator Cum Controller 2. PID Controller   Total Investment: 61,071/-
9Applied Thermodynamics Laboratory  1. Mini Steam Power Plant and Separating and Throttling Calorimeter Test Rig 2. Mechanical Heat Pump Test Rig Total Investment: 8,28,687/-  
10CAD/CAM Lab –I Laboratory  1.Smart Board 2. HP comercial Deskstop core I5(6 no.) 3. Acer Core I3 (20 Nos.)   Total Investment: 31,70,401/-
11CAD/CAM Lab- II Laboratory1. Auto Desk Product Auto Cad 2011 2. CATIA V5 6R 2014 3. University MD FEA Bundle (MSC NASTRAN) 4. Smart Board 5. HP make T120, A1 Size Plotter with stand 6. Acer Core I3 (25 Nos.)   Total Investment: 81,87,858 /-
12CAD/CAM Lab-III LaboratoryLenova think Centre M71E, Intel(R), Core TM i3 (21 Nos.) Computer Software – DELCAM   Total Investment: 7,33,032/-

Additional Research Facilities

Sr. No.Name of the LaboratoryName of the Major equipments
1Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory      1) Chemical Wet Bench:- The total overall dimension of wet bench 1500 mm (L)×500 mm(W)+ 150 mm exhaust box × 2000 mm (H). Front Visor opening- 100% visor should be movable and can be stop whenever the visor needs to be stopped. Inner size of working area 1475 mm (L)× Depth 425 mm   Funded By Department of Science & Technology Under Fund For Improvement of Science &Technology Infrastructure (FIST) Scheme   Sanctioned Amount:  Rs. 4,30,500/-  
2) Magnetic stirrer:- Max stirring quantity-20 L,  Speed Range- 0-1500 rpm  resolution ±1 rpm, LCD  speed and temperature display, Heating temperature range –room-550 increment 1  , over heat protection 580 , temperature display accurancy ±0.1,  dimentions 215×360×112 mm , hot warning, data connector RS232   Funded By Department of Science & Technology Under Fund For Improvement of Science &Technology Infrastructure (FIST) Scheme   Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 52,762/-
3) Vacuum Pumping System & Accessories: A vacuum pumping system is a device or set of devices used to create and maintain vacuum, which is a space devoid of matter or gas. Vacuum pumping systems are commonly employed in various scientific, Industrial, and commercial applications where a controlled or low-pressure environment is necessary.   Cost:-49,200/-  

Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory      4)  CNC Micromachining station: A CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Micromachining station is a specialized manufacturing system designed for precision machining of small and intricate parts with high accuracy and repeatability. It is commonly used in industries such as electronics, medical, aerospace, and watch making, where small components with tight tolerances are required.   Cost:-6,00,000/-
5) LASER Engraving machine: A Laser Engraving Machine is a tool that uses laser technology to etch or mark various materials with high precision and detail. It is commonly used in industries like manufacturing, jewelry, signage, woodworking, and personalization. The laser engraving process involves removing material from the surface of an object to create a permanent mark or design   Cost:-2,63,250/-
6) Vision measuring system Rapid-I V2015J LX:   Micromachining where a controlled environment it is necessary for producing high-quality products and conducting accurate experiments.   Cost:-6,04,149/-
7) Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer: Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) is a sophisticated scientific instrument used to study the mechanical properties and behavior of materials under varying temperature, frequency, and deformation conditions. It is commonly used in research, development and quality control of materials, including polymers, composites, elastomers, and various other materials   Cost:-65,125/  
8)  3D printing machine: Laser machine and 3D printing is used to create custom prosthetics, implants, and models for surgical planning   Cost:-3,40,000/-  
9) Twin Syringe Pump   Cost:-45,000/-  
Total Investment: 36,52,498/-

Metallurgy Laboratory    1) Inverted Metallurgical Microscope:- Microscope with optical lens fully plan achromatic with infinity corrected, camera matrix vision German made, Fully coded software, Z stacking, Binocular siendent off  head, Large sturdy stage with X-Y axis movements, focusing by coarse and fine focusing knobs, objectives M5x, M10x, M20x, M40x/45x, 100x, Eye pieces WF 10x, 15x, CCD  camera port   Facility created under MODROB proposal, funding provided by AICTE   Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 2,90,000/-
2) Indigenous Micro Hardness Tester (Digital Version):- Full digital with computer display OMRON Japan made rotary encoder, Camera matrix vision German made, fully coded software, Test load-5gf, 10gf to 1000gf 10,25,50,100,200,300,500,1000 gm, Dwell time-5-99 seconds, 5-99 Seconds, Automatic motorized loading and unloading, Magnification-for scanning 100x, measurement 400x, Diagonal reading- Micrometer eyepiece(10x) with 0.5 micron accuracy, Max specimen dim.-Height 65 mm, depth 85 mm, test table dimensions-100×100 mm, max. movement 25 mm in X-Y direction with micrometer, camera port with optical diversion knob   Facility created under MODROB proposal, funding provided by AICTE Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 3,19,000/-
3) Chemical analyzer Tester: Ores and Minerals, Glass, Ceramics, Cement, Scaling etc., Welding electrodes, fluxes, Brazing Alloys, Ferro Alloys, Powder or sintered Metal, All types of steels, oils, rubber, plastics, food and processed food articles, High alloys, copper alloys, nickel and other special alloys, Pure Metals, Alloys and composites, Purity of coating, Wires, rods, powder and liquids – any shape, any matter. Facility created under MODROB proposal, funding provided by AICTE Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 2,52,000/-
4) Wear testing machine: Load range 600N, rotational speed 5000rpm, frictional force measurement 0 to 20N, wear measurement up to 1200µm. Facility created under MODROB proposal, funding provided by AICTE Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 1,38,000/-
5) Thermal Conductivity Tester: TC Measurement range 1 – 5000 mW/mK, Measurement accuracy +/- 5 %, Test Material Size 150 – 760 mm, Test Material Thickness 5 – 50 mm, Measurement time 60s, Operating temperature range 5 – 40 °C, Weight 4kg, Power supply AC adapter 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz.   Facility created under MODROB proposal, funding provided by AICTE   Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 75,000/-
3.Vibration Laboratory1)  OR 34-4 Channel Integrated Portable Mobile Analyser with accessories & Software: OR NV-OCT-8, PCB Piezotrovics ORAC-1ACC-P04, PCB Maget model 080A27, GRAS Microphone model 40 AE, GRAS preamplifier model 26CA   2) Vibration Exciter Model ID 230 SC No. 1844   3) Vibration meter 4)Impact Hammer   Total Investment: 14,37,238.00 /-