Major Laboratories

Sr.NoName of the LaboratoryName of the  Important  equipment
1Advanced Communication1)  Microwave Test Bench X-Band (Klystron based)MT-9000 2) Microwave Test Bench X-Band (Gun based)  3) Wave & Propagation Model 4)  Vector Network Analyzer 5)  PCB Prototype Machine 6) Antenna Trainer with 20 Antenna , Scientech make ST 2261 Model
Total investment-37,66,021/-
2Computer Aided Electronic Design I1) Multisim 2001 2) Matlab  Software 7 3) ORCAD-Capture Software 4) 8 KVA ONLINE UPS 5) MATLAB 2016 a) Xilinx Vivado System b) Nexys 4 DDR Trainer Kit  6)LCD Projector S- 25
Total investment- 81,47,210/-
3Computer Aided Electronic Design II
4Computer Aided Electronic Design III1)8 KVA ONLINE UPS 2) Proteus VSM- R 7.0 Software 3)Lan Trainer Kit
Total investment-14,45,854/-
5Embedded System1)  LPC 2148 Trainer Kit 2) Computers , Microcontroller Trainer Kits 3)  UPS 6KVA
Total investment- 26,11,231/-
6Communication Engineering1) Digital Storage Oscilloscope  4 Channel 2)  Cathode Ray Oscilloscope 3)  Digital Storage Oscilloscope  2 Channel 4)  Analog communication trainer  kits 5)  Digital communication trainer  kits 6)  Optical fibre trainer kit
Total investment- 30,37,287/-
7Electronic Circuit Design1)  Cathode Ray Oscilloscope 2)  Digital Storage Oscilloscope  3) Dual power supply, 4) ESD Kits & AIC Kits
Total investment-12,54,325/-
8Electronic Project1) Digital Storage Oscilloscope 2) Dual Power supply 3) Spectrum Analyzer
Total investment-20,31,155/-
9Advanced Design And Simulation Lab (PG Lab)1)  CAD FEKO 7.O software Academic License 2)  NETSIM standard (Research) version 10 3)  HP Z2 Tower G4 Workstation 8th Gen Intel Core i7 8700 processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM,512 GB SSD, 2TB HDD SATA, DVD writer, NVIDIA 8 GB GTX 2060 graphics 4) SMARAT  BOARD-SB480 5)  Ace Series 6KVA Online UPS 12V/16AH 16 Battery System 6)  NI Lab View Software  
Total investment-32,84,728/-

Additional Facilities in Laboratories

Sr. No.Facility NameDetails
1Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)It measure parameters about the device under test. It measures the amplitude response and phase as well. Under the Modrob proposal VNA purchased at 14,00,000/- 
2PCB Prototyping MachineThis device connects electronic components to ensure smooth functioning of the product. provide electrical connection and mechanical support to the electrical components of a circuit.
Under the Modrob proposal PCB Machine purchased at 4,10,000/-
3CAD FEKO SoftwareFEKO is a comprehensive computational electromagnetic software product used in widely in the telecommunications ,automotive etc.
CAED FEKO Software purchased at 6,82,500/-
4NI Lab ViewBuild various models in the field of Electronics.  It has comprehensive set of tools for acquiring, analyzing, displaying, and storing data, as well as tools to help you troubleshoot the code you write.
Under the FIST proposal NI Lab View software purchased at 10,47,537/-
5IOT  based MicroscopeThis microscope is capable of transmitting images to a screen, e-mail or internet location around the world. It will scan an entire plate to create a single high resolution image for visualization of microscopic objects.
Under RGSTC Proposal IOT  based Microscope purchased at 4,90,000/-