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My Dear Parents,

Only a father can understand the level of anxiety of a father. I am sure, like your children and you are also on cross road and it has become quite a difficult to make a selection of the right path that can lead to a right destination. All our efforts, our sacrifices and our hard work have to promise a bright career to our child.

We have dreams for our children and we strive to bring them into reality. However, the present day situation is making our journey difficult. A cut throat competition is the routine and you just cannot move ahead without securing your place in the competition.

I personally feel that a degree with higher number of marks is the need of the hour. However, the values for life are equally important for ensuring an all round success of the student. We have therefore, devised the entire education process at the college which takes care of all these important factors. We create an environment where learning happens naturally through discipline, punctuality, hard work, physical fitness, behavior science, team work and creativity which become the natural phenomenon at our campus. At SVERI we don’t intend to dispatch degree holders, but to release engineers who are ambitious, responsible and can stand out in the crowd as most respectable citizens. And this has been happening from the beginning. We are proud of these personalities, who proudly say that I am the student of Pandharpur Engineering College and member of SVERI family.

The Management is inspired by a different turbo force. We ourselves believe in discipline and follow it. We have unshakable commitment and are proud to witness the rich dividends obtained since the inception of the college.

I sincerely invite you to share my dreams which are similar to your dreams. Let us jointly ensure a bright, assuring and enviable engineering career for our child. I assure you that, I am committed to whatever is expressed above.

                                                                                        Dr. B.P. Ronge
                                                                                        Founder Secretary & Principal.