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 Pandharpur Pattern ... the Unique and the Only

There are a number of patterns devised and implemented in various educational and other institutions. Pandharpur Pattern is, however, the one and only pattern of its kind. It's a bold theory, equality boldly brought in practice. It is simply unique

 The sprit of the Pandharpur Pattern

If you want to create leaders, it is imperative that you yourself become leader. A follower cannot create a leader. This is the essence of the Pandharpur Pattern, which we are proudly and successfully implementing for the many years.

When we want to groom up our students to be good engineers, developed persons and responsible citizens; we need to present before them acceptable idols, whom students can use as their role models. We are committed to ensure that every constituent on the campus adheres to the philosophy at the core of the pattern.

Discipline has no substitute in life, may it be in education, business, service or elsewhere. Our teaching staff is addicted to maintain discipline. It has become a natural phenomenon for them. The faculty is not only disciplined, they are well mannered, updated and responsible. The students would obviously like to follow them. As far as the subject knowledge is concerned, the faculty is exposed to a number of refreshing programs to ensure that most up to date knowledge and the systems are brought to them. Our faculty is first student in itself and then a teacher. There is, of course, a strict code of conduct and every constituent is religiously following it.

Pandharpur Pattern is an integrated set of rules to be followed. No exception is the theme of the Pandharpur pattern. Our faculty craves for updation, innovation, discipline and hard work. Since the faculty is possessing all these qualities and implementing them in every day life, students have no grudge in accepting and following them.

The Pandharpur Pattern is not just a theory to be exhibited, but it is the routine at the campus. Once the things become part of your everyday life, no special efforts are needed to continue it. It is a natural process. Craving for excellence becomes the routine. Once this happens excellence in every performance just cannot stay away, we are experiencing this.

Pandharpur Patter is unique like the holy place of Pandharpur