Prof. B. P. Ronge, Founder Secretary, SVERI COEP

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SVERI, Pandharpur

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SVERI, Pandharpur

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 Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

The department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering was established in the year 1998 with a sanctioned intake of 40 students. In view of future demand in this field the intake was increased to 60 in 2001, 90 in the year 2008 and 120 in the year 2010. The post graduate program in Electronics and telecommunication Engineering was started with a sanctioned intake of 18 in 2010.The research lab of the department is recognized by Solapur University for Ph.D program as well.

The department has become a facilitation center for students and nurtures them for upcoming trends in industry through hands on training sessions/workshops, interaction with industry expertise. This is backboned with state of art laboratories with advanced equipments and latest simulation software tools.

The department has strong research urge in the field image processing, wireless communication, pattern reorganization, neural networks and antenna with faculties and facilities at research laboratory.


    To be nationally recognized among the best institutes in India for excellence in technical education


    To impart value added technical education through ambiance of academic excellence, research and life-skills by inculcating personal touch and respect in relationship amongst the stakeholders.

 Major Laboratories
  • Electronics Circuit Design & Power Electronics Lab
  • Microprocessor Lab
  • Communication Engineering Lab
  • Electronics Desgin & Project Lab
  • Computer Aided Electronics Design Lab-I
  • Computer Aided Electronics Design Lab-II
  • Computer Aided Electronics Design Lab-III
  • Microwave Engineering Lab
  • Physics Lab
  • Basic Electrical & Basic Electronics Engineering Lab
  • Advanced Design & Simulation Lab
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 Staff Details
Sl. No. Name of the Staff Designation
1 Prof. Dr. Mrs. M. M. Pawar Professor and HOD
2 Prof. Mr. V. G. Kale Associate Professor
3 Prof. Mrs. J. S. Shinde Assistant Professor
4 Prof. Mr. A. B. Chounde Assistant Professor
5 Prof. Mrs. N. M. Kularni Assistant Professor
6 Prof. Mr. M. S. Mathpati Associate Professor
7 Prof. Mrs. S. S. Kadam Assistant Professor
8 Prof. Ms. Mohua Biswas Assistant Professor
9 Prof. Mr. A. A. Jadhav Assistant Professor
10 Prof. Mr. A. M. Kasture Assistant Professor
11 Prof. Mr. M. A. Deshmukh Assistant Professor
12 Prof. Mr. A. A. Jadhav Assistant Professor
13 Prof. Mr S. A. Inamdar Assistant Professor
14 Prof. Mr. H. K. Bhaldar Assistant Professor
15 Prof. Mr. J. S. Hallur Assistant Professor
16 Prof. Ms. S. A. Atole Assistant Professor
17 Prof. Mr. S. P. Swami Assistant Professor
18 Prof. Ms. V. A. Patil Assistant Professor
19 Prof. A. A. Kadam Assistant Professor
20 Prof. Mr. S. M. Karve Assistant Professor
21 Prof. Mr. G. N. Shinde Assistant Professor
22 Prof. Ms. S. S. Shirke Assistant Professor
23 Prof. Mrs. A. M. Lotake Assistant Professor
24 Prof. Mr. R. B. Pawar Assistant Professor
25 Prof. Mr. S. B. Khadake Assistant Professor
26 Prof. T. S. Joshi Assistant Professor
27 Prof. Mr. R. U. Kale Assistant Professor
28 Prof. Ms. S. S. Jadhav Assistant Professor
29 Prof. Ms. S. S. Gawade Assistant Professor
30 Prof. Mrs. A. B. Sudhakar Assistant Professor
31 Prof. Mushaib Mohammad Assistant Professor
32 Prof. Mr. R. M. Khadkikar Assistant Professor
33 Prof. Dr. Mr. S. A. Lendave Associate Professor
34 Prof. R. N. Haridas Assistant Professor
35 Prof. Mr. Sandip Kale Assistant Professor
36 Prof. Mr. S. U. Bhanavase Assistant Professor
37 Prof. Ms. N. B. Hande Assistant Professor
38 Prof. Mr. R. P. Nagane Assistant Professor