SVERI's, College of Engineering Pandharpur

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Server Room and Laboratory

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 Computer Science & Engineering Department

Automization of the world, visualization of every activity before it comes to reality or analyzing highly complicated data to bring out useful information are some of the tasks of Computer Engineers. To make our students competent to handle these tasks we have organized our department with state-of-art computing facilities along with experienced faculties.

Department is well-equipped with high speed computers with Intel Corei5 processors having latest Operating Systems such as Windows/Fedora/Ubuntu/Sun Solaris and Red Hat Enterprise Server. All the Laboratories are connected with LAN having 1024MBps NKN and 100Mbps Private dedicated leased line for uninterrupted Internet facility. The HP and Dell Power Edge server with Xeon Processor and hot swap SCSI drive servers are available for different type of online and offline services.

Along with all the required facilities, we have also made available the major software's such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, Visual Studio.NET, Novell Netware. Our Department Library includes various manuals and special books on computer science, which helps students and faculties for day-to-day referencing.

  • To be nationally recognized for excellence in education augmented by research in the field of Computer Science and Engineering.
  • To impart value added technical and applied research oriented education by inculcating life skills oriented to industries with emphasis on human values.
 Major Laboratories
  • Linux Lab
  • Advanced Software Lab
  • Database Lab
  • Project Lab
  • CAD/CAM Lab
  • Microprocessor Lab
  • Computer Graphics Lab
  • Computer Programming Lab
  • Computer Programming Lab-I
  • Language Lab-I
  • Skill Development Lab
  • Opensource Lab
  • Computer Center
  • Server Room

 Staff Details
Sl. No. Name of the Staff Designation
1 Dr. B. C. Melinamath Professor
2 Prof. Mr. A.M. Dyade Assistant Professor
3 Prof.Ms. V.D. Jadhav Assistant Professor
4 Prof.Ms. P.A. Satarkar Assistant Professor
5 Prof.Ms. S.P. Pawar Assistant Professor
6 Prof. Mr. S. M. Kumbhar Assistant Professor
7 Prof.Mrs. S. S. Kadam Assistant Professor
8 Prof. Mr. G.G. Patil Assistant Professor
9 Prof. Mr. S. M. Shinde Assistant Professor
10 Prof. Mr.P. G. Gaikwad Assistant Professor
11 Prof. Mr.R. B. Kagade Assistant Professor
12 Prof. P. A. Hagargi Associate Professor
13 Prof. Ms. S.A. Shegdar Assistant Professor
14 Prof. Mr. R.R. Shinde Assistant Professor
15 Prof. Ms. D. V. Patil Assistant Professor
16 Prof. Mr. N.M. Maske Assistant Professor
17 Prof. Ms. P. R. Kale Assistant Professor
18 Prof. Ms. S. S. Bhosale Assistant Professor
19 Prof. Mr. H.M. Tamboli Assistant Professor
20 Prof. Ms. N.D. Deval Assistant Professor
21 Prof. Ms. T.A. Dhumal Assistant Professor
22 Prof. Mr. V.M. Sale Assistant Professor
23 Prof. Mr. S.B. Thigale Associate Professor
24 Prof. Mr. R.D. Kulkarni Assistant Professor
25 Prof. Mrs. R.M. Patil Assistant Professor
26 Prof. Mrs. Anuradha Binavade Assistant Professor
27 Prof. Ms. A.S. Jadhav Assistant Professor
28 Prof. M.C. More Assistant Professor
29 Prof. Prasad Jare Assistant Professor
30 Prof. Shital Zadbuke Assistant Professor
31 Prof. Nayan Kharade Assistant Professor
32 Prof. A.R.Bandgar Assistant Professor
33 Prof. Mrs. A.A. Samudre Assistant Professor
34 Prof. Ms. K. I. Chauhan Assistant Professor
35 Prof. Ms. G. S. Sirdeshmukh Assistant Professor

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