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Welcome To Olympus 2k13

Event : Robo Race Event Date : 15 Sept
Event Descriptions

    Speed!! Speed!! Speed!! In this world of everlasting competition, speed is the word. Blasting through your way at an awe inspiring pace, indulge your robust bots in the exciting race. "One, who falls behind, is left behind." So pack your bags and pump your bots cause it's get, set and GO!!!


    Rules Robot dimensions
  • Maximum size of bot should not exceed 30cm*30cm*20cm.A tolerance of 5% is allowed in this regard.
  • Battery must be on board ( bot or robot).
  • Robot should not damage any part of arena, in case it does so it will be disqualified.
  • If the robot is controlled using wireless mechanism, it must be shown to the coordinators, who will check for any mismatch of frequencies with other wireless remote controlled robots.
  • The chassis should not be ready made, if found so the robot will be disqualified.
  • The potential difference between any two points should not exceed a limit of 12V. A tolerance of 5% shall be provided.
  • If the robot suddenly stops in the arena due to any technical problem IT WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.
  • Rule no. 7 is applied only for the Qualifying Round. From 1st round time will be provided to solve the technical problem.
  • There is no weight limit for this robot.

Max Participant

    Maximum 2 Participant

Entry Fee

    Entry Fee :
  • 200 Rs per Group (ISTE Member)
  • 250 Rs per Group (Non ISTE Member)

Contact Detail

  • Event Head
    Mr.Rahul Dasturkar

  • Departmental Co-ordinator :
    Mr.Samarth Joshi (B.E)

  • Departmental Co-ordinator :
    Mr.Pritesh Chavan (B.E)

Designed By : Swapnil Birajdar (BE-CSE)