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Welcome To Olympus 2k13

Event : Pratyakshik Event Date : 16 Sept
Event Descriptions

    It's MICRO, make it MASSIVE!!
    The event is based on 8051 microcontroller. Basic knowledge of 8051 microcontroller will be tested through software (SIDE 51/ KEIL software) and hardware implementation.


    Rules General Rules are :
  • First Round:-General ability test: MCQ's related to 8051 microcontroller.
  • Second Round:-Simulation: Assembly language programming on SIDE-51/KEIL.
  • Third Round:-Implementation: Hardware implementation related to interfacing.

Max Participant

    Maximum 1 Participant

Entry Fee

    Entry Fee :
  • 50 Rs per Head (ISTE Member)
  • 50 Rs per Head (Non ISTE Member)

Contact Detail

  • Event Head :
    Ms.Muke Smita
  • Departmental Co-ordinator :
    Ms.S.M.Talekar (B.E)

  • Departmental Co-ordinator :
    Mr.Dingare.B.C (B.E)

Designed By : Swapnil Birajdar (BE-CSE)