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Event : Circuit Suduko Event Date : 15 Sept
Event Descriptions

    You have to design a specific electronics applicati on by using the components provided by us. The application will use the concepts from basic Analog and Digital electronics and to be designed on a Bread Board.

    This competition aims to bring forward the analytical skills of the engineers of tomorrow .The swiftness of the mind and its co-ordination with hands to make it right? Will be judged in this competition. The competition will consist of three rounds relating to objective type questions, Designing, Implementing and Debugging.

    We will be testing your electrical skills and how creative and handy you are with electrical equipment. Participants of all levels are encouraged to apply.


  • There will be total 2 rounds.
  • First round will be elimination round with objectiv e type questions from fields of electronics.
  • Second round will be circuit designing round in whi ch actual application has to be made.
  • Both the rounds are open in nature, means you will be provided question sheets/components on the registration desk and you need to submit them back within the specified time limit.
  • There will be time bonus.
  • All the components and material required for the ci rcuit will be provided by us.
  • Power supply and other testing devices like multime ter, CRO (if needed) and other tools will be made available in a shared hall

Max Participant

    Maximum 2 Participant

Entry Fee

    Entry Fee :
  • 80 Rs per Group (ISTE Member)
  • 80 Rs per Group (Non ISTE Member)

Contact Detail

  • Event Head :
    Mr.Swapnil Shrihari.M

  • Departmental Co-ordinator :
    Ms.S.M.Talekar (B.E)

  • Departmental Co-ordinator :
    Mr.Dingare.B.C (B.E)

Designed By : Swapnil Birajdar (BE-CSE)