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Event : Blind C Event Date : 15 Sept
Event Descriptions

    It is a unique programming competition where we have to write the program in c language for the given problem with the monitor kept off. This activity mainly tests your concentration, accuracy, programming skills. Problem statement will be given on the spot to the participants.

    The developers don't need a screen or anything when they start their scripting. They just create the code in mind and run their fingers on the keyboard. Participate to challenge others to show who is the real programmer. So,Hurry Register Now to ensure your place in Blind Programming.


  • This contest is for two groups
    Expert (BE,TE)
  • While program execution System monitor will be switched off C editor remain open
  • Screening test will be conducted, if required.
  • Only one candidate is allowed per entry
  • Decision is taken in order to programming with Timeline.

Max Participant

    Maximum 1 Participant

Entry Fee

    Entry Fee :
  • 50 Rs per Group (ISTE Member)
  • 50 Rs per Group (Non ISTE Member)

Contact Detail

  • Event Head :
    Mr. Sumit Magadum
  • Departmental Co-ordinator :
    Mr. Ajit Pawar
  • Departmental Co-ordinator :
    Ms. Minal Kulkarani

Designed By : Swapnil Birajdar (BE-CSE)