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Event : Ad-Mad-Show Event Date : 15 Sept
Event Descriptions

    Advertisements are one of the main medium of getting to the customer in todayís competitive world fo r any company. It is like the cover of the book a customer is going to read and even if some may say donít judge a book by its cover we still buy a book because of that. This is the chance for the budding advertisers to present to the world their inner cre ativity with the spice of management.

    The participants will be asked to make an advertisement on the product or a situation


  • Topics will be displayed on the day of event
  • Participants can carry supporting material
  • Time limit for preparation is 10 minutes and Language cannot be barrier for
  • In case participants exceed the time limit, judges will be free to either disqual ify the team or deduct the marks
  • The caution should be taken to refrain from displaying obscenity, violence, prejudice, defamation, etc. in advertisement

Max Participant

    Maximum 5 and Minimum 3 in Group

Entry Fee

    Entry Fee :
  • 200 Rs per Group (ISTE Member)
  • 250 Rs per Group (Non ISTE Member)

Contact Detail

  • Mr. Pankaj S Patil

Designed By : Swapnil Birajdar (BE-CSE)